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Stereo Sunrise Interview


Who are you?

At our core, we love to play music. Tommy and Arih are in their twenties. Justin is in his thirties. Piero, we don't even know how old he might be. We come from different backgrounds, Tommy's from Barrie, Arih from Guelph, Justin was born in Holland, really only Piero is a Nia…

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Jared Robinson - Very interesting guy

Interview By Amanda Tulk

I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented Jared Robinson. Very interesting guy. Producer, photographer, designer, recording artist, he is a man consistently evolving in the musical world and there is what he will turn into next. I highly recommend checking him o…

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I Have Something to Tell You… Stay away from the open mouth of Jag Tanna!

Interview By Amanda Tulk

I had the honour and pleasure of chatting with Jag Tanna of I Mother Earth and many things came up. Playing, touring, and of course, what’s new with I Mother Earth.

Let’s start with the most basic question…Why guitar?

I grew up with music always in the house, with…

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