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Jared Robinson - Very interesting guy

Interview By Amanda Tulk

I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented Jared Robinson. Very interesting guy. Producer, photographer, designer, recording artist, he is a man consistently evolving in the musical world and there is what he will turn into next. I highly recommend checking him out.

>Who are you?

Jared Robinson. I own and operate a recording studio that offers audio production, photography, album design, licensed music, video work, and more.

>When do you feel you became established in the entertainment industry?

I don't know that I've ever put too much thought into it? I know at some point I'd have to start doing more of what I wanted to do in an industry that would have me. I suppose if I AM established, it's only because I was fortunate enough to continue doing what I've always wanted to do: To help artists. To keep learning. To keep playing. To keep evolving. I've been fortunate to have so many good people encourage me and the work I've done over the years.

> So you're a record producer, photographer, designer, recording artist as well as own your own studio, That is quite the resume,do you have a specific way of balancing? What do you have the most fun doing and feel the most comfortable? Comfortable? Fun?

I've really enjoyed writing orchestral scores for three commercials this week. I can see it being something I strive to do more of. The second I finished that gig, I resumed mixing a metal project that I produced last week. This job requires me to wear a lot of hats, and I'm often wearing more than one at a time. One week might be mostly design, and the next will be working on production. I believe that continuity between the songs we write and the visual concepts we present should coincide with one another. If I HAD to choose my strong-suite, I'd say it's bringing those two artistic elements together.

> How was it the word “pretty” became the description for your background and harmonies?

Ha ha.. I guess we’re switching gears to talk about the “artist Jared Robinson”. Well.. I suppose I never carried the typical rock vocal style, and I was always okay with that. When I toured with a band, I strived to provide vocals that worked alongside the lead vocalist. Not vocals that fought against. I suppose I’ve always been a fan of “prettier” sounding vocals in many of the influences I’ve had over the years. My own pet-projects such as “LunarTheory” certainly reflect that.

> What has Jared the Designer been up to and what can we expect to see out of him in the future?

As I’m almost always designing the projects that I am recording at the same time we’re finishing the audio production. I always have something on the go. I recently finished production on a hip-hop record (Ursa Maja) and designed a cover around the same time I began the next band’s recording. I now have two singer/songwriters and a metal band working to get something going. I expect designing covers for each of them will follow suit.

> What are some of the music styles you enjoy working with the most?

Aside from my own work as an artist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many independent artists from every genre over the years. Some artists that have been working on their craft for a lifetime and others that have just started finding their voice. Some of the greatest achievements I’ve made have been helping new artists get a foothold in this changing industry. Heck, we’ve even landed several music award nominations. I’ve been thrilled to do what I enjoy doing, while helping others do the same. I’m looking forward to what the next chapter will bring.

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